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Does the EGO S2 Slider landing net float?

Due to customer request we increased the strength of several product components. With the increased strength came increased weight and therefore none of the EGO S2 Slider models will float.

Do you have replacement foam grips for the EGO landing net?

Yes, there are replacement foam grips for each of the S2 Slider handle models. Also you have the option to purchase protective rubber heat shrink sleeves that fit over the foam grips and provide further protection.

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Are replacement parts available for EGO landing nets and tools?

Yes, there are replacement parts for both the EGO S1 and S2 Slider landing net series. You can also find replacement cutters for all ego Pliers.

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How do I find warranty information for my EGO landing net?

If you click on the Warranty link in the footer area of the website it will take you to a page that provides all of the warranty information regarding the products we produce.

Are there different mesh types available for my EGO landing net?

There are 5 different mesh types: Nylon, Rubber Coated Nylon, PVC, Black Rubber and Clear Rubber. Each landing net size will be available in at least two different mesh types.

Can I purchase a replacement mesh bag for my EGO landing net?

Yes, there are replacement mesh bags available and can be found by clicking on the Replacement Parts link below.

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How do I change the mesh on my EGO landing net?

Mesh bag changing instructions can be found by clicking the link below or visiting the Replacement Parts section of the website and clicking on the Changing Instructions link.

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Can I use lubrication on my EGO S2 Slider handle?

Yes you can lubricate your S2 Slider handle but do not use petroleum-based lubricants such as WD40. They will attract dirt and dust, which will accumulate in the slider mechanism. A Tephlon or silicone based lubricant is the best type to use on your handle.

Are your landing nets made in the USA?

The EGO landing nets are 100% assembled in the Unites States but we do have key national and international suppliers that produce different product components for us.

Do you have replacement cutters for my pliers?

Yes, replacement cutters are available and you can find them by clicking on the Replacement Parts link.

What are retracted and extended lengths of the extension handles?

The 18” S2 handle extends to 36”, the 29” S2 handle extends to 60” and the 48” S2 handle extends to 108”.

What is the mesh grid size for the different mesh bag types?

a. Nylon and Rubber Coated Nylon mesh grid ranges between 1” to 1.5” depending on the landing net model b. PVC Coated mesh grid size is .75” c. Rubber mesh grid size is .75"

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