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EGO Kryptek Coolers
Kryptek Camo Technology

Inspired by artillery camouflage netting and proven to be the most effective camouflage available by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Tie Down D-Rings

Use the extra strong D-rings found on both ends of the coolers when you need to secure them to your boat, ATV or any other vehicle.

72 Hours Of Ice Retention

Each cooler comes standard with 2-inch-thick insulated walls and an elevated base to improve cooling performance. Each cooler provides 72 hours of ice retention at 80°F.

TUP Dry Bags
High-tech TPU fabric

The latest in dry bag fabric technology, TPU fabric has strong abrasion resistance & shear strength and is resistant to cold weather cracking.

Zipper Closure

A water resistant zipper closure securely fastens the cooler lid keeping contents inside and unwanted debris on the outside.

ABS Plastic

The coolers are constructed with a HARD ABS plastic top and bottom that provides exceptional protection from external impacts.

Take the Battle to the Water

The EGO Kryptek Tactical cooler series provides the savvy angler a lightweight and durable solution for keeping snacks and your favorite beverage cool. The attention to detail in the design and construction of these coolers offers elevated cooling performance.

The EGO Kryptek coolers come in 4 sizes. 40 Liter–Roller Cooler, 30 Liter–Roller Cooler, 18 Liter cooler with shoulder strap and a 6 Liter mini cooler. All coolers in the series feature a hard ABS plastic top and bottom, soft body with waterproof TPU performance fabric, ice retention up to 72 hours and Kryptek Camo Technology.

    4 products

    4 products