EGO Fish/Weigh-In Cooler (Pontus)

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The EGO Kryptek Tactical Fish Cooler is the perfect cooler to hold your catch from a day out on the lake.  With up to 12 hours of ice retention, this lightweight and robust Kryptek camo cooler will keep your catch cool for hours. The product also comes standard with an aerator pocket and port so it can be easily converted into a weigh-in cooler allowing water temperatures to be maintained providing tournament anglers the most stable environment to keep their fish healthy all the way to the weigh-in table.

5.2 lbs


• High performance TPU performance fabric
• Holds ice and/or water temps up to 12 hrs
• Built-in aerator pouch for better rope control
• Built-in aerator pouch
• Provides controlled environment for weigh-in fish
• Comfortable carry handles
• Lightweight and easy to carry
• Shoulder strap included
• Shoulder strap included
• Aerator not included