EGO Big Game–XLarge Nylon Net

EGO Big Game–XLarge Nylon Net

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48 inch Handle—24" x 29" Hoop

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The EGO XLarge Nylon Big Game landing net with a 48" handle was developed to provide the angler with better control when landing Catfish, Striper, and other large fish. The functional grip aids in net control, eliminates bulky yoke assemblies and protects mono line from being frayed or cut. All EGO Big Game fishing nets float for easy recovery if dropped or blown overboard. EGO Fishing Nets are the first choice for the savvy anglers worldwide.

• Floats
• Innovative grip design
Handle: 48” anodized octagonal aluminum
Mesh Bag: Nylon
Bag Depth: 38"
Hoop: Xlarge 24” x 29”
Weight: 2.5 lbs


EGO Fishing Gear presents the S2 Slider Landing Net. The most advanced landing net handle extension technology on the planet!