EGO Kryptek Tournament Weigh-In Bag (Typhon)

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The EGO Kryptek Conservation Tournament Weigh-In Bag was designed to provide a safe and friendly way for the tournament or recreational angler to transport their trophy fish to tournament weigh-ins. The bag comes standard with an aerator pocket so oxygen levels in the water can be maintained to help keep the fish healthy. The TPU performance fabric is the most advanced dry fabric technology and is extremely durable. It’s the first and last tournament weigh-in bag you will ever need to buy.



21”L x 4” W x 22” H

  • High tech TPU performance fabric
  • Contoured and padded carrying handles
  • Built-in aerator pouch
  • Top zipper enclose
  • Formed bottom for bigger capacity
  • Shoulder strap included
  • Aerator not included

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