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The EGO Kryptek S2 Slider utilizes the most advanced handle extension technology and now features Kryptek Camo Technology.
Take the Battle to the water.

  • EGO Kryptek S2 Slider

    EGO Kryptek s2 Slider

    Universal System

  • EGO Kryptek S2 Slider

    EGO s2 Slider

    Handle Sizes

  • EGO Kryptek S2 Slider

    EGO Kryptek s2 Slider

    Hoop Sizes

  • EGO Kryptek S2 Slider

    EGO Kryptek s2 Slider

    Mesh Types


Interchangable Net Heads, Accessories and Handles


Combined Hoop Sizes and Mesh Types To Choose From


Limited Warranty on all EGO Landing Nets and Accessories

EGO Kryptek S2 Slider 2018 Big Rock Sports Award Winner

Award Winning Product Series

What Savvy Anglers Say About the EGO S2 Slider

The EGO S2 Slider landing net has consistently exceeded my expectations. for performance, ease of use and transport/storage.


The EGO S2 landing net is the best and easiest that I and my fishing partners have ever used!!! Thank you for customer service that is the best that I have ever received!

Chris Manso

The EGO S2 Slider has set a new high standard. Any time you can buy EGO fishing products rather than someone else’s, I know what I’d do!

Jack Shelton